Sunshine award

I´m back! With lots of pretty things to show :)

Thanks soooo much Laura from BOOKM▲▲RKS for nominating me for the sunshine award!
I have to answer these questions and name 5 other bloggers I enjoy:

favourite colour: red today, but that could change depending on the day or season ;)
favourite animal: dog
favourite non-alcoholic drink: I'm addicted to spicy cinnamon tea lately
facebook or twitter: facebook 
getting or giving presents: both
favourite flower: daisies, paniculata, poppies
favourite pattern: animal/flora/stripe/polka dot... a lot!
passion: children illustration & books 
favourite number: 36

I have great difficulty making decisions  :)

And 5 lovely blogs I enjoy:

Alexandra from alexandrahuard
Julia from juliabe
Leire from ameskeria
Katey from kateyjean
Steffi from steffiebrocoli