Summer is coming

So I've made a spring playlist to celebrate:

*Open Season (Spring 14)



Lenis Olle By Emma Adbage

My favorite character at the moment: Lenis Olle, by Emma Adbage.
So funny and sweet and beautiful...even if I don't understand a single word of swedish...

Thank you so so much for sending me this little treasure! I love it.
Now I need all the books from the collection :)


Instagram lately


Little treasures... I'm more active in Instagram... Sorry blog!


Tatsuro Kiuchi Illustration

Help! Post-summer melancholy attack again!
And then I find this work by Tatsuro Kiuchi.
So beautiful and poetic. And that light! Genius.

Song: Built to spill - Carry the Zero  Concert tonight, yay!


Travel illustration by Martin Haake

Pocas cosas me gustan más que la ilustración y conocer nuevos lugares, así que mi nueva obsesión está más que justificada: ilustraciones o mapas de ciudades o países.
Hay muchos artistas haciendo pequeñas obras de arte, sólo con mirarlas me teletranporto directamente.
Uno de mis favoritos: Martin Haake.

Si os gusta viajar sin moveros tanto como a mí podéis seguir mi carpeta en Pinterest:
Illustration + Travel
Bon voyage ;)!

My latest obsession: maps and travel illustration.
The beautiful work of Martin Haake is an invitation to travel around the world.
If you enjoy traveling without moving as much as I do, you can follow my Pinterest board ;)
Illustration + Travel ;) 

My summer hit: Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate


Marc Boutavant Workshop

I'm going to Ilustratour, to participate in the workshop "Let's have a life on paper" with Marc Boutavant.
He is one of my favorite illustrators!
We were told to bring: a notebook for sketching, pens, colors and ... happiness :)

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