When I see places like this I want to move to Sweden. 

Seen in Kireei.


Bits of a weekend in Madrid

Great exhibitions, beautiful shops, tasty food and good company ;)


Fleet Foxes Tonight!

Tonight Fleet Foxes + Vetiver in l'Auditori of Barcelona.
I can´t think of a better plan to finish the week.
Gonna cry with this song :*)


Lotta Nieminen

I love the work of Lotta Nieminen, a graphic designer and illustrator from Helsinki.
Seen in Pikaland.


Birthday presents



Yosigo Photos

Love the colors and atmospheres. 
Photographer: Yosigo.


Today is our birthday! Many years ago, I managed to take the chocolate one : )

My drawings are on Mioland blog...what a beautiful present for this day! 
Thank you very much!


Matchbox Labels

I don´t know how many hours I´ve been looking at this gorgeous matchbox labels.
The colors, drawings...I cannot love them more.
Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maraid/


Some Summer Pills


 Surf Eskola


 Nemo and his (big) family


 One of the best restaurants in the world

 Room with a view

 Playa de la Concha, San Sebastián

The Balenciaga Museum in Getaria

SUMMER and HOLIDAYS are two of my favorite words. More if used together.